Get a Free Chatbox For Your Site

Get a free shoutbox that you can use either as a shoutbox on your homepage, a guestbook or even as a chatroom.

What is a Shoutbox?

A shoutbox or chatbox is a box where your visitors can leave their messages directly on your site. It is similar to a chat, but the messages are also stored like in a guestbook. Press "See one!" above to see a free shoutbox in action.

Create a Free Shoutbox

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Manage Your Free Shoutbox


  • HTML-code, so you can add your free shoutbox to your site/forum/blog etc.
  • Smooth real-time auto-refresh chat using websockets with AJAX as fallback on unsupported platforms
  • A guestbook/chatroom at
  • Fast & reliable dedicated server, 99.9% uptime, unlimited space/bandwidth!
  • 200+ templates to choose from, or create your own
  • Users can register their usernames in the shoutbox
  • IP-banning, shoutbox moderators, protected "Admin" username
  • Custom language setup, smiley parsing, URL parsing
  • Completely free, no premium fees, no ads.
  • Instant setup of your shoutbox

Comparison of completely free shoutbox plans. ShoutMix Cbox YellBox
Auto-refresh Instant 1 per min No No
User registration Yes No No No
Bandwidth Unlimited 600 hits/hour Limited N/A
One click banning Yes No No N/A
Ad-free Yes No No No development blog