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TimHayes34: Good night! Fell asleep on the sofa listening to the rest of CRAGG Live earlier.
psibob: Goodnite all
TimHayes34: okay
psibob: Yes I'm still here Tim, just listening to the show
TimHayes34: Hello
TimHayes34: Uhhh okay
psibob: Rolf Harris, who wrote the kangaroo song, was sent to prison for indecent assault with underage girls in the 80's, and is disgraced at 84 years old
TimHayes34: "Tie me Kangaroo down sport. Tie me kangaroo down."
TimHayes34: Alright
psibob: Yeah, been doing okay Tim, how about you?
TimHayes34: Hopefully you're doing alright?
TimHayes34: Been doing alright Bob?
psibob: Take care Mickey, and have a good evening
TimHayes34: Good night Mickey
MickeyStrange: Gotta call it a night guys I'm not feeling good. take care
TimHayes34: and Mickey
TimHayes34: lol Bob
MickeyStrange: lol ... indeed
psibob: Well the world usually doesn't, but who gives a shit what the wrorld thinks anyway lol
MickeyStrange: the nice thing is, it has ... now it's just dealing with the rest of the world; which deosn't seem to really give a damn
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