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TimHayes34: Good night!
Mickey Strange: G'nite
Mickey Strange:
TimHayes34: amazon lists Tab Hunter as Tabs
TimHayes34: it's cheaper on
TimHayes34: Monsters used to come on right after Freddy's Nightmares when I was a kid
TimHayes34: Okay I'm sold on Monsters even though Tales From The Darkside got more well known
TimHayes34: Yes and I haven't had dinner yet,so not going to try dancing tonight
Mickey Strange: damn I wanna get up and dance but I feel like crap
TimHayes34: Got to hear this
TimHayes34: Major
Mickey Strange: yahoo messenger
TimHayes34: Okay so she got arrested for something and that was her defense? Her period?
Mickey Strange: lol ... no I mean that she became a super bitch
TimHayes34: Did she really leave the country?
Mickey Strange: lol ... with my ex her period was cause for leaving the country
Mickey Strange: rotflmao Gawd lol indeed
TimHayes34: lol Roku would have to do something really idiotic for me to want to sue them
TimHayes34: Shane sounds like Dr.Who. lol
TimHayes34: ok
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