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TimHayes34: Night Terry&Tiffany
psibob: Yeah!! No more Matt Smith!!
TimHayes34: Night Knurl
TimHayes34: that's cool Mickey
TimHayes34: Night Mickey
MickeyStrange: Doll ordered me a small mixing board. Now I can squeek nite everyon e
TimHayes34: Night Bob
psibob: Good night everyone, see you next week
TimHayes34: Okay I guess they're ending early tonight.
TimHayes34: lol
MickeyStrange: lol ... but I still got something out of it
TimHayes34: Yes,but at least you didn't go shopping?
MickeyStrange: had to go help with the groceries ... damn I hate getting old
TimHayes34: Okay Mickey
MickeyStrange: brb
MickeyStrange: br4b
TimHayes34: Okay
MickeyStrange: Nope, Still got decent legs
TimHayes34: You wouldn't Mickey?
MickeyStrange: Wouldn't mind rock'n a kilt
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