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TimHayes34: Good night everyone!
TimHayes34: But the Cheezeburger ones are good though K?
knurl: nite!
MickeyStrange: Night everyone
PsychoK: ,
MickeyStrange: .
PsychoK: ..
WickedKitty: .
TimHayes34: Sorry K.
PsychoK: .
WickedKitty: .
PsychoK: disappointed with the pizza flavored, tastes like regular spaghettios
knurl: you guys are pros, you can do it!!!
TimHayes34: Chow down K!
knurl: i can see i will be playing mendes all week next week
PsychoK: back...with food! mmmmmm
knurl: they sd a good bass player, the bass lines are awesome
TimHayes34: and Angela Aames
knurl: yeah kelly maroney
knurl: ok
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