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TimHayes34: nite Papa Strain
MickeyStrange: nite
TimHayes34: lol
TimHayes34: okay he did
TimHayes34: Bitchy fun comedy? Is that what he said?
TimHayes34: lol
TimHayes34: oh okay
MickeyStrange: crazy fat ethel
TimHayes34: Crazy Fat Abbott? What? lol
MickeyStrange: So the "david's " don't like all the remakes and sequels that are coming out?
TimHayes34: Marcy was one of Joe Sarno's films
TimHayes34: still waiting on my question to get answered
MickeyStrange: I'm sitting here amazed at what thee guys have done and who they've known
WickedKitty: questions?
TimHayes34: Might be? Like no shit they're gay. lol
TimHayes34: Yes lol is right brah
MickeyStrange: lolMessage
MickeyStrange: s'alright
TimHayes34: okay Papa Strain
MickeyStrange: still here
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