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psibob: I agree the movie does probably suck
TimHayes34: Nite guys
MickeyStrange: Nite guys
TimHayes34: Not good exactly that you're pissed,but in a way good since the movie probably sucks
MickeyStrange: Nite Tim
MickeyStrange: nite Bob
psibob: Goodnight Tim, Goodnight Mickey
TimHayes34: Good Mickey
MickeyStrange: This new Superman v. Batman movie is really starting to piss me off
TimHayes34: Harrison Ford I think wanted out of Star Wars by the time of Return Of Jedi,but luckily got talked into doing the film
psibob: lol
TimHayes34: oh okay Mickey
MickeyStrange: Fucking pussies
TimHayes34: What Mickey?
MickeyStrange: trust me Bob I could fill my entire show with how I feel about these Bualadh craicinn Báltaí
TimHayes34: and the devil helping her escape during a slave uprising on her father's plantation
TimHayes34: starting out with Angelique going to live with her father
TimHayes34: since I only got the first half of the book in a single cd set
TimHayes34: well they make it seem like a long novel
TimHayes34: I don't think she really wanted to write that book since she didn't stick to the original show
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