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knurl: Nite, Jon Boy!
knurl: Nite Mickey!
TimHayes34: nite Terry,Tiffany,K,&Misses Kalabash
knurl: Nite, Tim!
knurl: dang happy trails early
TimHayes34: Nite Knurl
TimHayes34: Nite Mickey
MickeyStrange: And on this note ... good nite
knurl: omg that was so funny!
knurl: haha, Linus is burnung a dead chicken
knurl: Haha, Linus the devil worhipper
knurl: oh, cool, gonna watch it right now
TimHayes34: Linus did some type of ritual on a Pentagram to make the Great Pumpkin come
TimHayes34: and I forgot why the Great Pumpkin started killing off the Peanuts gang
TimHayes34: I posted it to your facebook wall
TimHayes34: I found the youtube clip of that Robot Chicken animated bit
knurl: awesome song!
knurl: House of the Rising sun is really good too
knurl: Eric Burdon
knurl: not that that would bar him being gay I suppose
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