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Mickey Strange: that guy was great
TimHayes34: brb have to reboot to finish installing an i-tunes update for my i-pod.
TimHayes34: okay
Mickey Strange: oops sent
Mickey Strange: no. the show it's self is half way done. Mr Harris went me an mp3 copy of one of his CD's and that's all I'm playing on the show. so all i need is the interview and it'll take a little over an hour to finish.
TimHayes34: Yes,but doesn't it make things easier on you once you get something like an interview out of the way
Mickey Strange: I still get things done ;P
TimHayes34: then you can focus on getting other things done
TimHayes34: Still would be good to get out of the way
Mickey Strange: it'll happen when it happens
Mickey Strange: no big deal
TimHayes34: sorry you haven't gotten it done yet Mickey
TimHayes34: Greatest American Hero Theme Song!
TimHayes34: Okay
Mickey Strange: still trying to do my interview
TimHayes34: You must've been busy since your Yahoo IM says,"Please Don't Disturb" on it
TimHayes34: Okay
Mickey Strange: ok
TimHayes34: How's your weekend been so far Mickey?
Mickey Strange: yeah, same here
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