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Larry 1008: Thanks for the link, Lisa..interesting stuff..hope we get to see some cool pictures of it from our equipment up there.
Lisa_1002: Comet's close encounter with Mars a boon for science [link]
Lisa_1002: The Siding Spring comet would have been a fun subject for the show.
Lisa_1002: As per a sciency sort of person for the show, I'll keep a watch out...
Lisa_1002: Ah yes the Siding Spring comet?
Larry 1008: Oh, guess Mars is gonna get a hair cut from a comet..maybe the media will blow it out of proportion like Mr.Logic said, that way we can see it clearly..Ha ha lol.
Larry 1008: Hi, Lisa..I hope you're right..I sent MZ a suggestion re: a really sciency (Is that a real word?) guy I know, if you have any ideas, email MZ about them..he was asking for suggestions on Sat. Spec.
Lisa_1002: Hi Larry....very true. I am sure MZ will find the right person for the job.
Larry 1008: Hi, Lisa..I agree..I hope MZ finds someone..guess we'll find out..Mr. Logic left big shoes to fill.
Lisa_1002: Hi Larry. That would be nice to keep the show going in memory of Mr Logic. Thanks for keeping us all updated.
Larry 1008: MZ is looking for someone to pick up the ball, so to speak, and have a similar show.
Larry 1008: Oh, MZ on the Sat. Special said as early as Tue. the 23rd.
Larry 1008: I found out..he was 71. Passed away Sun. 28th of Sept.
Larry 1008: How old was Bob (Mr. Logic ) Bishop? I've looked for an obituary, but so far haven't found one.
Larry 1008: That IS a cool coincidence..I hope you and Bruce get to see his celestial birthday present..hope it's clear here then, too..thanks, Lisa.
Lisa_1002: Hi Larry, the next total lunar eclipse is next year Sept. 27 on Bruce's coincidence. Chat with you later
Larry 1008: Hi, Lisa, that's great that you and Bruce saw it...I envy you both..I bet Bruce was excited..they are totaly cool..hope to talk again.
Lisa_1002: Hi Larry, yes Bruce & I saw the Lunar Eclipse. It was his 1st time to see one. I was so happy he got to see it We were lucky to have no fog in Aptos...
Larry 1008: The eclipse wasn't visible in Marina..too foggy..oh well, maybe next time..anyone else have luck?
Larry 1008: I hope to see the eclipse tonight, foggy here in Marina, but I can see the moon through it now, anyway. Be thinking of you, Mr. Logic @ 4:00 AM
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