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Larry 1008: Great show again..looking forward to the next one.
T # 14: There are 24 ways all five fellers might have the wrong hat on.
T # 14:
Larry 1008: Good job, T 14.
Larry 1008: I think I'm right that my answer is wrong.
T # 14: That's a big number. I'm thinking 119.
T # 14: Too bad the show airs while I'm at church. I always just catch the tail end.
Lisa 1002:): Thanks Larry. Have a great weekend & see ya next week.
Larry 1008: No, I haven't, Lisa..thanks for the link, I'll check it out..hope you and Bruce have a great day.
Lisa 1002:): I saw mention of it after reading this digital tracking article [link]
Lisa 1002:): Larry, have you ever heard of Ghostery? Here's a link to it [link]
Lisa 1002:): Yes, great show as always Mr. Logic
Larry 1008: Thanks for the show, today, Mr. Logic..entertaining and informative as always! See you next week.
Larry 1008: I agree completely, Lisa.
Lisa 1002:): Yes it is & quite interesting
Larry 1008: Hmmm..both, neither, some of each? Stuff like that happening is befuddling to me.
Lisa 1002:): Coincidence or synchronicity
Larry 1008: The puzzle word is exhausting to think about.
Larry 1008: Sure makes one wonder about coincidence or ??..Like plate, or shrimp, or plate of shrimp..(line from Repo Man)
Lisa 1002:): whoops a double post....sorry
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