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Lisa1002: Thanks Larry Have a fab Feb.
Larry 1008: Happy New Month!
Larry 1008: Thanks for the link, Lisa..what a cute little planet. Good luck on your comet hunt, hope you folks get to see it.
Lisa1002: Dawn Spacecraft Gets Closer To Potentially Habitable Dwarf Planet Ceres [link]
Lisa1002: We still haven't seen it....darn!
Larry 1008: The last 3 nights about midnight..Orion's bow aims pretty much right at it..I used chart from Sky and Telescope website to find's in Taurus now.
Lisa1002: What time and where did you aim your 7x35?
Lisa1002: Oh jinkys! I wanna see that comet....not yet here. But got to see Venus & Mercury setting tonight....nice light show.
Larry 1008: Yay! I saw the comet last night through my 7X35 binos..dim glow, but distinguishable from the stars in it's vicinity.
Larry 1008: Okay, good, Lisa..I'm still waiting to see the comet, maybe tonight..have a great day.
Lisa1002: Hi Larry. No, not getting game requests. My FB settings do not send stuff to my email.
Larry 1008: Oh, please excuse me if you get any game requests on FB..I'm playing a game on it and it sends stuff out if I'm not carefull..sorry if you've gotten stuff from it.
Larry 1008: You're quite welcome , Lisa..I hope he works out..still no comet here..too overcast again..
Lisa1002: AAnd that Skynet thing, thought the same here .....
Lisa1002: Cosmic Joe sounds promising
Lisa1002: Thanks for all the updates, really appreciate that!
Larry 1008: Thanks for the link, Lisa (I guess..) getting to look more and more potentialy like fiction becoming science fact.
Larry 1008: It's been too overcast to see Comet LoveJoy here in Marina..gonna check again tonight.
Larry 1008: The Shout box was down the other day when I checked it, 1st time in a while that I've been on it.
Larry 1008: Happy belated Wolf Moon.Last night on Flight 1080,MZ put a guy on that is likely going to take the helm of The Thinking Macine..Cosmic Joe, he's called..astronomy and science word when yet.
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