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Larry 1008: A belated good morning to you. I hope MZ finds someone to take over the reigns of this show..would like another similar format.
Your Name: good morning
Larry 1008: Oh, I blew it again...less than 0.20"..not 0.02"...duh.
Larry 1008: Less than 0.02"rainfall in Marina so far..guess more elsewhere. Raiders, Packers, Niners..bad weekend for all..oh well..hope you had a great T day!
Lisa_1002: ok Lisa M on twitter
Larry 1008: If you want to chat without the shoutbox, my email is [email], or Larry in Marina on twitter, or Larry Flause on facebook..just started up on twitter and facebook a month ago..trying to get into the 21st century.
Larry 1008: Well, no problems found by Malwarebytes on my machine, every time I log on to the shout box now, I get sent to some other site or another..Filmon, Java upgrade (this one I can't get out of without restarting computer...
Larry 1008: Weird..when I hit "send", the site blasted me over to Filmon TV again..guess I'll run Malwarebytes now.
Larry 1008: Hi, computer acts weird here too..I use Malwarebytes anti malware program (free version), seems to work well..let me know what you think if you try friend that set up my computer for me installed it..he's an I.T. guy.
Lisa_1002: Hi Larry. Can you recommend a good anti virus anti malware program?
Lisa_1002: I notice my computer gets more "buggy" here since shout box is not being monitered, my avg goes nuts here.
Lisa_1002: Hi Larry. Sorry if the Sci link sent you to some site called filmon...not sure what that is.
Larry 1008: DuhOh! sorry about "your message"..oh well.
Larry 1008: Your Message..Con't again..that was your intent..neat, lots of stuff there..thanks again..when I click on the link now, it goes straight to Sci online, not Filmon...
Larry 1008: Thanks for the links, Strip the Cosmos is cool..told you before I'm no computer guy..should of thought of just finding Sci on the net..I've found it now, thanks to you..oh, when I first clicked on the Sci link you posted, it sent me to Filmon TV, guess
Larry 1008: ..Cont'd..kinda flared up and poofed out..almost like a bottle rocket but was real fast and brief, and horizontal.
Larry 1008: I missed the Leonids too..went outside after 12PM(as per Mr.Logic)Tues. morning,stared up at the night sky for 15 min., didn't see any, however, about 1 1/2 wks ago, saw a nice meteor light up the sky..real bright..maybe space junk..who knows?..
Lisa_1002: Yup, I did maybe next year [link]
Lisa_1002: Did I miss the Leonids?
Lisa_1002: Sorry, it starts with a silly commercial at first
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