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Lisa1002: Hi Larry, long time no see
Mark 644: Never been to the shout box. Now missing Mr Logic on KSCO.
Larry 1008: Happy New Month
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Larry 1008: Happy (late) 25th Birthday, Hubble Space Telescope
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Larry 1008: Meteor shower tonight, likely too foggy to see where I am
Lisa1002: good night
Lisa1002: What is that flash on Ceres? [link]
Larry 1008: Happy (late)New Month! I saw the ISS a couple of times lst month..NASA website has an ap that notifies me via email when/and stuff
Lisa1002: Thanks Larry Have a fab Feb.
Larry 1008: Happy New Month!
Larry 1008: Thanks for the link, Lisa..what a cute little planet. Good luck on your comet hunt, hope you folks get to see it.
Lisa1002: Dawn Spacecraft Gets Closer To Potentially Habitable Dwarf Planet Ceres [link]
Lisa1002: We still haven't seen it....darn!
Larry 1008: The last 3 nights about midnight..Orion's bow aims pretty much right at it..I used chart from Sky and Telescope website to find's in Taurus now.
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