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Larry 1008: Another good show..see ya next week, everybody.
Larry 1008: Wow..never heard of Exeter.
Lisa 1002:): Oh yeah, Exeter!
Thinker # 14: Wow, my broadcast is really delayed. I just heard the 'X' question, and Lisa 1002 answered it several minutes ago.
Larry 1008: sounds like an industrial cleaning solution.
Lisa 1002:): The city name is so weird to me LOL
Larry 1008: Wow..quick one, Lisa..good job!
Lisa 1002:): oxnard
Thinker # 14: He should have had Surfing USA playing in the background.
Larry 1008: You too, Lisa!
Lisa 1002:): Good one Larry
Lisa 1002:): Zayante
Larry 1008: Santa Cruz!
Lisa 1002:): Good morning Larry.
Larry 1008: Hi, you're right about Vallejo..
Larry 1008: How about San Juan?
Lisa 1002:): Can only think of Vallejo.
Larry 1008: San Jose..there's 1..
Your Name: Testing.
Larry 1008: Woo hoo!
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