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Thinker # 14: I also learned during the start of Charley's show. Mr. Logic still had much to give. I will miss him.
Larry 1008: Wow, I just heard. Rest in peace, Mr. Logic, you will be missed.
Larry 1008: Is it true that you're not doing the show anymore,Mr.Logic? I just heard part of the start of Charlie Freedmans show, thought I heard that?
Larry 1008: No show today? Hope everything is okay, Mr. Logic.
Larry 1008: Thanks for the great show as always, Mr. Logic, see you in the Fall.
Larry 1008: How about Five?
Mr. Logic: correct
Larry 1008: How about five thousand?
Larry 1008: Your audio is okay, Mr. Logic.
Larry 1008: Every week is Dog week at my house.
Larry 1008: Oops..that's 1928.
Larry 1008: Happy National Dog Week (Last full week in September since 192
Larry 1008: Cool..thanks.
Mr. Logic: FORTY is correct
Larry 1008: Tricky spelling, that one..I always want to add a U.
Larry 1008: Oh, how about FORTY?
Larry 1008: Thanks for the show, interesting as always, Mr. Logic.
Larry 1008: The flea market music is kind of overpowering.
Larry 1008: Oh..Woody.
Larry 1008: Ah...sounds like something George Burns would say.
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